Our 360° Interactive Prototype Process
Our 360° Interactive Prototype Process
"One Idea Can Change Your Life !" Les Brown

Having a good idea is just a starting point. Converting an idea to a successful product depends on the execution.

When an idea is in its infancy, you should take time to test your idea and refine the concept. Prototyping is the very first and important step towards creating successful products.

You explain us
the idea
Prototype - explain the idea

You will explain us the problem statement, idea and target user base. You can also share some insights on competitors, challenges, opportunities. The more information we have the better.

The meeting usually happens over a conference call.


Once you have defined your concept, we will prepare a high-level feature list and main use cases.

Prototype - Requirements Listing
Prototype - UI/UX Sessions

The project team gets together to brainstorm on:
(A) Required Features
(B) Basic Layout
(C) Color Theme Options


The wireframes will show layout and functionality but will have no visual design. Wireframes are close to the final application as they are interactive and have all finer details.

We will review the wireframes with you. Based on your feedback, wireframes will be revised quickly. At this stage, you may even want to do show it within your close circle of friends.

Prototype - Application Wireframes
Visual Design
Interactive Prototype
Visual Design Interactive Prototype

This is the final stage of the design process. The visual style of the app is defined and will look & feel like the final product. You can even run the prototype on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

Interactive design prototype works the best for validating UX design with the stakeholders.


As a value-added service, we will also give you a FREE recommendation on the system architecture, development platform, and framework.

This sets the stage for the next phase i.e development & go live phase.