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“There is an app for everything”, as the saying goes. Stage Write iPad app has pioneered the way directors, choreographers, stage managers, dance captains work for Broadway musicals, theatre, opera, and television events/productions.
Stage Write iPad app is the most feature rich app catering to the theatre industry. Since it’s release in early 2012, it’s already been embraced by the entertainment community and is already being used by numerous Broadway and National Tour productions, as well as a number of high-profile entertainment companies.

The Problem

The process of documenting staging and choreography is a tedious process. Most musicals and productions use thousands of papers which need to be shared by others in the production (lighting designers, stage managers, dance captains, swings). This leads to following problems:
a. Documentation Modifications & Maintenance
b. Economics
c. Environmental impact

The opportunity

The Opportunity - StageWrite

Stage Write makes it simple to document, manage and maintain the staging, choreography and spacing for any theatrical production or special event. Stage Write allows to create accurate, appealing and easy to share charts.

The process

A team of 5 members led by 1 Project Manager drove the project to success with latest technologies and a beautiful UI.

Process Highlights

  • Understanding and documenting detailed requirements
  • Click-through wireframes for iPAD app
  • Scalable and expandable system architecture
  • Extensive test execution using automation

We follow

A systematic method to get to solutions

  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Coding
  • Testing
StageWrite Project Execution Process

The solution

Stage Write app was designed and developed as a tool for creating, duplicating and editing the floorpan charts that, in a show bible, give a moment-to-moment, top-down view of where and when actors and set pieces move during a show. The app has following core features:
1. Easy Production Set up
2. Create Dynamic Spacing Charts
3. Scroll through charts

Tools we used throughout the process

StageWrite - Tools used throughout the process

Values Propositions

With this app, stage manager, director or choreographer has to only enter the stage dimension one time, create the actor icon one time, and then easily drag the performer icons into the desired position. This method saves thousands of hours of time and the final product is clean and easy to share.

The app enables performers to easily document choreography, spacing, traffic patterns, and movement for theatrical events and productions, as well as cheerleading and marching band formations. The app also enables users to create dynamic spacing charts, blocking books, and track the complex movements of all moving elements of a production, from staging and blocking to choreography.

Salient features

User can set up production by
– Defining a space
– Define Number line
– Import or Create Set Pieces
– Import or Create Actor icons

Create Dynamic Spacing Charts
– Add Actor Icons to the chart
– Draw traffic patterns
– Add set pieces, actors to the chart
– Manage charts

Scroll through charts to simulate actions

Print, Email, Share charts

iPAD App Screenshots

StageWrite - web and app screenshots

Stage Write App – Capturing Creativity!

The Result

Stage Write was featured on Apple Website, Apple Keynote and Wall Street Journal. Apple launched a campaign called ‘Life on iPad’ where they feature outstanding apps for innovation. They selected six apps from over 140,000 iPad apps and Stage Write was one of the six that got featured on their homepage. StageWrite was also featured in Apple’s ‘Transforming Business’ keynote.

Stage Write app was released in 2012 and has been embraced by many high-profile entertainment companies including:

– Disney’s NEWSIES
– The Book Of Mormon
– Nice Work If You Can Get It
– Ghost
– The Producers
– Mamma Mia!
– Les Miserables
– Young Frankenstein
– Chaplin
– Kinky Boots
– The Scottsboro Boys
– A Christmas Story
– Cats (Asia)
– A Chorus Line (Europe)
– Big Fish

– James Taylor Concert Tour
– Disney World Entertainment
– Disneyland Entertainment
– Universal Studios
– Norwegian Cruise Lines
– Royal Carribbean Cruise Lines
– Olympic Committee
– Cirque du Soleil
– Dr. Oz Show
– The Broadway Boys

Customers Speak

I started using StageWrite during tech rehearsals for NEWSIES.  When I first used it I became emotional – I’m so happy that someone figured out how to do this.  In three days the entire show was completely documented using Stage Write!  This is so user-friendly!  It’s going to make so many people’s lives easier…!

– Christopher Gattelli, Broadway Choreographer (Disney’s NEWSIES, SOUTH PACIFIC)

I’ve been using Stage Write for my latest musicals and workshops – YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, the tour of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, HAPPINESS, SCOTTSBORO BOYS and LITTLE DANCER.

Stage Write offers me the ability to maintain a musical bible by notating, in the most precise way– blocking, staging, motivation and the knowledge of all technical elements involved in the creation of a show.

In addition, I’ve been able to apply the use of Stage Write during rehearsals.  Planning with Stage Write has saved me countless hours because I’ve been able to solve traffic issues and spacing challenges even before I get into the rehearsal room.

In the old days, I used to move pennies around the table to represent dancers!   It is very important to me not to waste the time of the actors.   I want rehearsal to be about acting and exploration.  Stage Write allows me that creative freedom.  And the pennies stay in the jar!

– Susan Stroman, Legendry Five-Time Tony Award Winning Director/Choreographer