Logo - SageWrite

Stage Write is an iPad application built specifically for Broadway musicals, theater, operas, etc. It was developed to help directors, stage managers, choreographers, dance captains document the entire staging, positioning, lighting and choreography in one place and share it with everyone. This saved the immense paper usage, hours of work, errors, and the undeniable inconvenience.
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GetAssist is a social networking app that connects people to service providers. It allows users to create communities, share ideas, request services, and more. If a user requires a service, they can send out a request and get a list of providers and prices. It helps both, service providers and seekers, and enables socializing.
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Logo - 10MinReality

10MinRealty is a real estate app that aims to simplify the lengthy process of home-buying. Usually, interested buyers meet with an agent for discussions. The agent then shortlists properties for showing, which takes days. 10MinRealty puts buyers in touch with agents in real time depending on their availability in the vicinity. It saves immense time.
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BaseMap Hunting App

Logo - Basemap

BaseMap is a web and mobile app that was developed to assist avid hunters by map and research data available. This information is difficult to obtain and quite expensive as well. For a yearly membership, BaseMap provides comprehensive maps to its users. They can also organize, save and share hunts. BaseMap aims to provide a complete tool set to hunters.
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My CU HomeAdvantage

Logo - CURealty

HomeAdvantage is a real estate mobile application that was created for credit unions. Most home buyers don’t approach lenders until the end of the process. HomeAdvantage aimed at increasing the mortgage business of Credit Unions by identifying potential customers and engaging them from the start of the process. It has since been adopted by other CUs successfully.
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Logo - StaffTap

StaffTAP is a mobile restaurant staff scheduling application. It was developed to help a restaurateur client who wanted to manage the staff across all his restaurants more efficiently. The app allows managers and employees to seamlessly manage schedules, tasks, and logs remotely. This has made staff management smooth and efficient. StaffTAP is now being used by various restaurant chains.
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Logo - Hammermill

Hammermill Papers is a company that manufactures paper of different types for various purposes, like industry, home, and school, for instance. Our challenge was to create original ‘Pixel Perfect’ templates for 50+ website pages such that the HTML was editable through the WordPress admin. All this, within a deadline of 2 months.
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Redevelopment ROI Calculator

Redevelopment ROI System
A Redevelopment ROI calculation platform that:
  • Pulls latest properties on sale daily
  • Runs custom redevelopment calculations
  • Displays profit % and property information on a dashboard

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Monitor My Mortgage (M3)

Logo - M3

Monitor My Mortgage (M3) is a mobile application and responsive web application made for mortgage buyers in Canada, to help them manage their mortgage efficiently. Users can track their mortgages, be notified about rate changes and penalties specific to their lenders. This app allows users to make informed decisions about taking a new mortgage or renewing the old one at the best rates and with the right lender.
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Revolution Lighting


Revolution Lighting is a US-based lighting company that manufactures indoor, outdoor, and specialized LED lighting solutions for industrial, residential and other purposes. We created original ‘Pixel Perfect’ templates for website pages and pull 40+ product details from their server in real time using WordPress.
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Smart Clinic

Smart Clinic logo

There are many healthcare mobile applications that have made their way into the industry over the recent years, and Smart Clinic is one of them. However, what sets Smart Clinic aside is that it offers real-time communication between patients and clinics, a one-of-its-kind concept that hasn’t been explored by any other mHealth apps to date.
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Anzu Connect

Anzu Connect - logo

AnzuConnect is a unique and innovative solution that provides the ability to exchange patient records between physicians and care providers.
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