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A social networking website typically helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers.
Get Assist, a social media site is changing the way people connect. GetAssist connects people with micro businesses and small services providers – everything from painters and plumbers to sharing hobbies like photography.

The Problem

Consider this scenario:
You need help with getting things done around the home/office or need to organise an event in your locality. You will have to search for the appropriate service provider, compare pricing and finalise a service provider. This process may take several hours and lots of patience.

What once really needs is to just send out a request of the work that needs to be done and get service provider at a price that one can afford.

GetAssist - The Problem

The opportunity

GetAssist - The Opportunity

A platform to connect service seeker and service provider with a social networking component. A platform where one can create or join communities with the people who matter most: family, friends, neighbors, work groups and the local business community.

Get Assist was developed and launched to make people’s lives a little bit easier.

The process

A team of 10 members led by 1 Project Manager drove the project to success with latest technologies and a beautiful UI.

Process Highlights

  • Understanding and documenting detailed requirements
  • Click-through wireframes for web and mobile
  • Scalable and expandable system architecture
  • Web and mobile development teams working seamlessly
  • Extensive test execution using automation

We follow

A systematic method to get to solutions

  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Coding
  • Testing
GetAssist - Project Execution Process

The solution

At the heart of Get Assist is “Communities”. It’s where like-minded people come together to request help, share ideas, seek advice, organize their lives, stay in touch, and more.
Each community can be public or private, temporary or permanent.

Get Assist community newsfeed connects the three key pillars of the platform in one place.

Tools we used throughout the process

GetAssist - Tools used throughout the process

Values Propositions

Service seekers

– Put in a request for what you want, when you want and at a price that fits the budget

– Get help from within community members or professional service providers

– In charge of the process at all times

– Simple and Free to use

– One social network for all your needs

– Search jobs posted by business community

Service Providers

– Additional way of connecting with customers

– Monetise your skills

– Get targeted sales leads

– Create targeted advertising

– Manage own employee community for better communication

– Flexible work schedule. No full-time commitment

Salient features

– Service seeker makes a request and submits it to a community for a help or referral

– Service providers get a notification about the new request and respond to the request

– Service seeker selects a service provider and both get connected

– Service seeker can rate and recommend the service provider after the work is completed

– User can ‘Get Assist’ as well as ‘Give Assist’. User can monetise giving assist with basic business membership

– Get Assist provides target advertising and job postings

– Users can communicate effectively via Blogs, Polls, Advice, Opinions

Web & App Screenshots

GetAssist - web and app screenshots

Get Assist – Connect with purpose!

The Result

Get Assist is live in four Canadian provinces-Calgary, Alberta,Manitoba & Ontario. 13196 total members have been registered since the launch, out of which 4546 are business users.

Get Assist’s adaptation is evident from the number of users using the platform and positive user reviews. BBB Business review has given Get Assist A- rating.

BBB - Business Rating

Get Assist Performance over the months

GetAssist - The Result Graph

Customers Speak

Easy to use, super helpful people, page went live last night got a reply this afternoon

– Steph P (Posted on Yellowpages)

Get Assist is an excellent way to find companies to do what I did not have time for around my home. I was looking for a new roof and with in a day I had six roof companies responding to set up quotes. I did the same for my kitchen Reno’s. I have also made a family community which is secure and I don’t get any pop up advertising or other e-mail from anyone but my family that are in my community.
Great product! and it’s free. I totally recommend it.

– Bill Thompson (Posted on Google reviews)