Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing




17 September 2019

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Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

For any realtor, the importance of new leads cannot be overstated. If you are also a realtor, then you will already be exploring all marketing channels to generate new leads. Apart from the more popular channels of digital marketing for the real estate industry, there is one lesser-known option which is not so popular but is extremely effective, nonetheless. Yes, we are  talking about Pinterest. Unknown to many, Pinterest marketing can indeed drive tons of traffic to your real estate blogs and website and help with your lead generation efforts.

A successful realtor knows the value of quality leads, and Pinterest marketing does just that for you. After all, all these leads can turn into potential customers, translating into more commissions for you. Its often misunderstood that Pinterest is just another social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. As a matter of fact, Pinterest is a search engine like Google and Youtube, etc. It will be wise of you to treat it like one and make use of it for your marketing efforts. Pinterest also requires its own search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy just like any other search engine. Once you know how to optimize your pins correctly, it can generate huge traffic for your website. So let’s have a detailed look at all the benefits that Pinterest has to offer for real estate marketing.

1. Website Traffic

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest has its own SEO, and if you work your way to understand how Pinterest’s algorithm works, realtors can drive quality leads to their website. Unlike other fast-moving platforms, the lifespan of a pin is long. Meaning, if you pin something today, people could still be pinning it even years from now. This ensures a steady flow of traffic for many years in the future. According to the statistics, 55% of pinners are looking specifically for products on Pinterest which is more than 4 times as many as on other platforms. For example, you can post a nice bedroom picture of the properties listed on your website and gain traffic through Pinterest.

2. Leads

Many studies reveal that 90% of buyers start their search online when they are looking for a new home. This can be a great opportunity to use Pinterest and showcase your splendiferous community to people looking for a new home online. This practice can generate quality leads for your business, which can be added to your email list and subsequently turned into buyers. A study recently revealed that high-income and educated US households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income and less educated US households. This rings many bells for realtors as their primary target audience is people with high income who can actually purchase a property. Also, a recent report revealed that 81% of Pinterest users are women, and it a well-known fact that women play a pivotal role in selection of a home. With a cohesive marketing strategy, you can use Pinterest to reach the right decision-makers.

3. Sales

Pinterest acts as a great medium to push potential buyers through your sales funnel. You ask how? Simple, when someone is searching or looking for houses on Pinterest, they are likely to create a board where they pin all the desired houses. This board gives you a better idea about what kind of house a potential buyer wants; thereby significantly enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

4. Branding

As Pinterest is a visual platform, the chances of creating awareness about brand and work are very high. You can make complete use of the platform by posting pictures of your property listings, team members, your satisfied customers to gain trust and make your brand known to people. You can even get into the details and post pictures about curated content around the house. For example, you can post pictures about many home renovation tips, patio construction, house painting, etc. Remember, people should trust your brand to do business with you. Through Pinterest, you can create top-of-mind awareness in your prospective customers for your brand/company by being involved at different stages of decision making.

5. Real Estate Farming

Popular Belarusian American entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk once said real estate agents need to be the “digital mayors” of their towns, in recent times. If you wish to be the most reliable and trustworthy realtor in your community, you must learn to provide immense value to your farm through your content (which in this scenario is properly curated collection of Pinterest boards) on a daily basis. Pinterest offers you a less expensive and more effective way to grow your reputation in your community in this digital era.

6. Market Research

Another great way Pinterest marketing helps real estate agents is by providing data. It provides you with information such as what type of houses are people pinning to their boards in the locality, etc. This will help you understand what are the current trends in home renovation like statement ceilings, colourful kitchens and home painting trends like colourful kitchens etc. So you know exactly what’s trending in the market currently and what your potential buyers are looking for. You can post curated content around the same and make an impression among them.

Parting Thoughts

It is now evident that Pinterest is not just for arts and crafts or to find some cute cat pictures, it’s a search engine within itself and if used strategically, can reward with a ton of quality leads and boost the sales for realtors. So, it is advisable to start learning all about how the Pinterest algorithm works and use it to get the best results.

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